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Technology Service Corporation is a high technology company primarily engaged in providing engineering consulting services and specialized products to the U.S. Government and industry. Our consulting and research services span the systems life cycle from advanced concept development through sustainment support. Our specialized products include electronic boards and subsystems for microwave and digital processing; prototype demonstration systems; and computer software for radar siting, geographic information enterprise solutions, and sensor simulations.

TSC's work encompasses 3 major business areas:

  • Sensors - Our Sensors Business Area is TSC’s largest and oldest business segment. It includes advanced research and development work and extends through the life cycle of sensor systems to production and life time support of deployed systems. Much of our work involves radar, but we also provide Infrared/Ultraviolet, electro-optical, and Electronic Support Measures systems engineering.
  • Decision Support Systems - TSC’s Decision Support Systems Business Area has significant synergy with our Sensors and Weapon System work in that we use the web-based display of integrated geographic and sensor data to provide common operational pictures for our military and commercial customers in our Sensors and Weapons System Business Areas.
  • Weapon Systems - TSC provides engineering, programmatic, and logistics support to major military and commercial customers through our tasks in the Weapon Systems Business Area. The work in many cases is an extension to the system level of the support we have provided for many years to sensor systems for these customers.

Mike Kramme
Technology Service Corporation
Seaport-e Program Manager

Email:         mike.kramme@tsc.com
Office:         812.558.7086
Fax:            812.558.7098

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